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KAV Lovania zu Löwen

Der Geist lebt in uns allen!
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Tradition can be modern!

We organize all sorts of activities during the entire academic year. Every Tuesday or Thursday, our active members meet at our Bude (Zwartzustersstraat), which serves as our meeting place and gathering point. We organize activities ranging from Kneipes (singing of student songs), wine tastings and game nights to sport activities, lectures or a pilgrimage. Our alumni regularely visit these activities to strengthen the bond between the old and new generations. Most activities take place in Leuven, but some of them take place in Germany. Several times a year, the active members visit befriended student societies in Germany and Austria during their Aktivenfahrt.

Another integral part of our society life is the Lovannium. Here, young and older members meet and spend a weekend together with (part of their) families in a holiday venue and socialize and relax with all sorts of activities. We also organize a three-day celebration every year, called the Stiftungsfest, to commemorate our foundation.

H. Messe


The Katholische Academische Verbindung Lovania zu Löwen is a catholic student society at the Catholic University of Louvain. It was founded on January 21, 1896 by students of different nationalities and inspired by the traditions of the German student societies. The immediate reason for this was an inspiring speech by the Very Reverend Prof. Dr. Armand Thiéry on student society life in Germany. Prof. Thiéry had become acquinted with this type of student life during his studies in the city of Bonn where he became a member of the Katholische deutsche Studentenverbindung Bavaria. His lecture was so inspiring that some students immediately decided to found a student society that same day. For over twenty years, Lovania was one of the most prominent and representative student societies in Louvain and had great influence on the evolving Flemisch student life. The founding of Lovania was an impulse for other types of student societies to start wearing coloured ribbons and hats (Couleur). By 1897, only one year after its foundation, the society was already recognized as a befriended member of the umbrella organization Cartellverband der katholischen deutschen Studentenverbindungen (CV).

Unfortunately, the flourishing society life was interrupted by the First World War and other incidents, and a new start in the 1920s was sadly only short-lived. In 1996 however, student society life could be resumed. the society owes its survival to the 'father' of the Flemish student traditions, the late Lovania-alumnus Dr. Mon de Goeyse, who made every effort to support the student societies in Louvain. On June 4, 1999 the friendschip with the Cartellverband der katholischen deutschen Studentenverbindungen (CV) was reconfirmed. Even to this day we maintain intensive contacts with our befriended CV-Verbindungen K.D.St.V. Winfridia (Breslau zu Münster and K.D.St.V. Franconia zu Aachen.

Our society is based on the principles of religio, scientia and amicitia. Lovania unites its members from all over the world in these traditions and maintains German as the official language of the society. It is our goal to strive for life-long friendships based on the student traditions.



Even though it is not as self-evident anymore these days, we profess our faith in the Catholic Church and the Pope with joy and without complexes. Our faith, not our nationality, unites us. 



Bearing in mind our motto 'Semper Excelsius!, we expect our members to be successful in their studies and professional life and to continuously strive for knowledge and education , also beyond their own expertise.



We strive for a friendschip that lasts beyond the course of study and beyond generations, which develops into a life-long bond between our active members and alumni.



You want to become a member of our society? What do we expect from you and what can you expect from us?


In order do become a member, you must be enrolled in university or another college of higher education, you must be prepared to invest part of your free time in our society and you must be willing to accept new friendships. We expect every member to adhere to the Catholic Church and to be willing to follow our traditions and values.

What can you expect from us? You will make a lot of new like-minded friends, you will get to know the student traditions, you will be able to attend a lot of fun and interesting activities and you will become part of our network of over 140 members and the network of more than 30.000 academians of the Cartellverband der katholischen deutschen Studentenverbindungen (CV), our umbrella organisation. Furthermore, our alumni will support you in the best of their abilities, both during your studies and afterwards.

We do not take part in the infamous Flemish 'student baptisms'. After a trial period of 6 to 18 months, a candidate member (Fuchs) has to pass a written and oral exam in which he demonstrates his knowlede about our history and traditions. 

During membership of our society, we attach great importance to successful studies, which is reflected in the fact that many of our members enroll in a PhD-programme after receiving their Master's degree.

Are we elitist? Possibly, but we are no snobs. Money, family background or nationality are irrelevant to us, it all comes down to a member's personality.

Are you interested in becoming a member of our beautiful society? Don't hesitate to contact us at or send a message to our Fuchsmajor (see below), and we will meet up for a beer in Leuven soon.


The active praesidium of K.A.V. Lovania zu Löwen


Antonio Bono-Torres


Richard C.B. Weber


Ludovic Devos


Richard C.B. Weber

Antonio Bono-Torres


Summersemester 2024



If you have any questions or would like to become a member, don't hesitate to contact us!

Message sent!

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